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Drug Free Adams County (DFAC) is a Local Coordinating Council (LCC), which was established in 1989 by an Act of the Indiana General Assembly in an effort to accelerate Indiana's fight against substance abuse. Each county in the state has an LCC, which is the planning and coordinating body for addressing alcohol and other drug problems. Members include volunteers from a variety of organizations including education, treatment, social services, and local police. LCCs are required to submit and implement a Comprehensive Community Plan each year, which consists of an assessment of the local alcohol and other drug abuse problems in the county, including problem identification and supportive data; a listing of proposed objectives to help alleviate the stated problems involving treatment, prevention, and enforcement; and an evaluation component designed to measure the success of the plan's strategies.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute works in partnership with state and local agencies to reduce the incidence and prevalence of substance abuse and addiction among children and adults in Indiana. ICJI’s Executive Director is a member of the Indiana Commission to Combat Drug Abuse. ICJI’s Behavioral Health Division (formerly Substance Abuse Division) supports the work of local coordinating councils (LCCs) representing 92 Indiana counties.